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Mexico Holidays

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Mexico Holidays

Fancy soaking up the sun on beautiful beaches while looking at the stunning coastlines that Mexico is known for? You're in luck. We're the bespoke holiday experts after all. Whatever you're after, we guarantee Mexico has something for everyone. 

This country is rich in culture, history and impressive architecture and offers tourists some of the most stunning landscapes the world has to offer. 

Soak up some culture and bask in the Teotihuacan's towering temples, the world-renowned Maya Temples or snorkel amongst sea life in the undisturbed Caribbean reefs. Consider yourself a foodie? Consider it sorted. Visit world-class restaurants and sample one of the many tasty national dishes. 

Mexico also has fantastic nightlife on offer that could rival any party resort. Dance the night away in one of their signature underground clubs until the sun comes up, then do it all over again tomorrow!

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Hard Rock Hotel Cancun with Barrhead Travel


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Detailed Mexico Overview

Mexico in detail

Mexico's Native American heritage and a distinctly Spanish flavour make it a vibrant, colourful and unique destination. Its varied terrain ranges from cactus-studded deserts to white sandy beaches and blue waters, tropical rainforest and jungle-clad hills to steep rocky canyons and narrow gorges, and from snow-capped volcano peaks to huge, bustling cities. The extraordinary history of the country is visible in the ancient Mayan temples strewn across the jungles, the ruins of Aztec civilisations, rural indigenous villages, Spanish colonial cities, silver mining towns, and traditional Mexican ports.

Mexico's people are warm and friendly, much of the countryside remains unspoilt by development, and its cities have a unique blend of architecture. Mexican Buildings display a striking combination of colonial and pagan architecture, blending together Art Nouveau, Baroque, Art Deco and Native American design in churches and public structures.

Besides a combination of unique culture and fascinating cities, Mexico also has several hundred miles of coastline extending down through both the Pacific and the Caribbean, which has branded the country as an extremely popular beach resort destination. Resort cities such as Acapulco, Cancun and those of the Baja California peninsula are vacation havens. The countryside enclosing these summer retreats is also rich in archaeological treasures with pyramids, ruins of ancient cities and great stone carvings of ancient gods standing as a testament to a country once ruled by the Aztecs and Mayans.

Attractions in Mexico

With enchanting attractions offering plenty of sightseeing opportunities, Mexico has consistently proven to be one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and for good reason. With its exotic sandy beaches, blue waters and warm climate, extraordinary history and diverse landscapes, it would take a few months, if not years, to explore and discover all that this magical country has to offer.

Spend a few days wandering around the ancient Mayan and Aztec pyramids and ruins, explore the deserts and swamps, marvel at the rainforests and discover a few of the 176 species of orchid along the way, or navigate an eco-tour by mountain bike, jeep, kayak or horseback. There are 58 National Parks conserving indigenous fauna and flora, and the country is a bird-watcher's paradise, with the most species of birds in the whole of North America. Marine life is abundant off these tropical shores and the (Gray Whale National Park) is a must for whale watchers. Beach resort cities such as Acapulco, Cancun and those of the Baja California region are considered to be a slice of heaven. The wonderfully unique architecture and evidence of European colonial rule still exist in the cities, while El Zócalo in Mexico City, the second largest city square in the world, is where it all happens and is the best place to experience some real Mexican flavour!

Most domestic travel throughout Mexico can be done by bus with several dozen companies operating by region. Passenger train transportation between cities is limited but flying domestically is considered the most efficient and safest mode of transport in Mexico.

Mexico Highlights

Best places to visit in November

For us Brits, November is the month when the clocks go back, Christmas lights go up and temperatures fall into single figures. It’s no wonder we crave winter sun…

Mexico is a great option in November. Not only is the weather amazing, but the first two days of the month are spent celebrating the Day of the Dead Festival (Dia de Muertos). It’s a public holiday and is dedicated to remembering loved ones who have passed on. Janitzio in Lake Pátzcuaro, and Xochimilco in Mexico City are the best places to join in the festivities. 

A beginner’s guide to Cancun

If the word ‘beach’ is the first thing that pops to mind when thinking of your ideal holiday, then Cancun needs to be on your to-visit list. While it is home to everything that is associated with a well-known tourist city, the thing that makes it stand out from the rest is its impeccable world-class beach front.
Peaked your interest? Here’s some basic information you’ll need when visiting Cancun for the first time.

The main attractions

We have established that Cancun offers one of the best coastlines in the world. But Cancun does have more to discover than just turquoise Caribbean waters (if you can be torn away from a day relaxing on the warm sand). Beach-bums make up the largest percentage of holiday personalities in Cancun. Thankfully there’s enough room for everyone and Cancun’s beachy shoreline doesn’t suffer from the cramped feeling that many other beach-cites are overwhelmed with. That’s not to say that the temperament of the beach doesn’t alter as you walk further along – if you’re after seclusion head to the north, but if you’re after bustling waves, stroll along to the eastern side.

Night-time entertainment

Cancun literally does offer every type of nightlife imaginable. Choose to party into the early hours with world-renowned nightclubs, or spend the night being awed by the classical talent at the ballet.

Hotel and accommodation

Like most of the Caribbean, Cancun is a haven for all-inclusive resorts. However, each resort still has its own unique offerings and personal touches. If you’re after somewhere lively we would recommend the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun; if you’re looking for an elegant adults-only hotel then check out Secrets the Vine Cancun; if you’re after a spa-break kick up your feet at the Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa; or if you’re seeking family-friendly activities you and your family should consider the Moon Palace Golf Resort.

Getting there

Cancun is home to its own dedicated airport and is one of the biggest airports in Latin America. British holidaymakers can fly directly from Glasgow and London Gatwick with British Airways.

When to go

Like all Central American destinations, Cancun has near-perfect weather from December through to April. The weather in other months is still sunny and many holidaymakers opt for the summer months.

Top Destinations in Mexico