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Croatia Holidays

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Holidays in Croatia

Croatia holidays are situated in South-East Europe and to the east side of the Adriatic Sea. Its capital and largest city is Zagreb. It is also bordered by Slovenia to the North West, Hungary to the north, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the South East, Serbia in the east, and Montenegro to the South.

Along the Adriatic coast in Croatia, the climate is mild Mediterranean. Temperatures are highest in August where it can peak at 27 degrees, while in winter the temperature rarely falls below 9 degrees. Holidays in Croatia are best booked in July and August when summer is at its peak. If you want to enjoy the sea then you can also visit in June or September, when the temperature and sea is pleasant.

Places nearby the coast tend to experience a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. Areas inland experience a continental climate with warmer summers and colder winters.  

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