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When to Visit Malaysia

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When to Visit Malaysia

Malaysia has a tropical climate which is hot and humid all year, although it is cooler in the highland areas. Temperatures in Malaysia average at 86°F (30°C) year-round. The country doesn't have four distinct seasons, but it does have two monsoon seasons: the monsoons bring heavy downpours on the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia, the northeastern part of Sabah and the western end of Sarawak from November to February; and the rainy season between April and October is characterised by thunderstorms and is often less disruptive to travel. Boat trips to the islands do not run during the height of the monsoon. Malaysia's climate varies hugely from region to region, so the best time to visit the country depends on your itinerary; your desired activities and the region you're visiting will make a big difference. The best time to visit for dry weather is June and July on the east coast, January and February on the west coast, April in Sabah, and June to July in Sarawak. Some people prefer to travel in the rainy season for various reasons, but it is never advisable to travel at the height of monsoon season as the heavy rains can disrupt travel arrangements and getting around is difficult.

Great weather is in abundance at the start of the year in Malaysia. The consistently warm weather provides the perfect excuse to go exploring around the mainland of Malaysia.

With the excellent weather continuing into April and May, it's a perfect time to visit one of Malaysia's gorgeous, white, sandy beaches.

This is peak season in Malaysia, especially the east coast. The scorching weather combined with the beautiful natural scenery of the country creates a picturesque country for you to visit and enjoy.

As the east coast starts to go through monsoon season, the west coast starts to go into it's best period of the year.  Penang is an ideal location for this time of year in Malaysia.

Continuing its peak season, the west coast of Malaysia is still bathed in sunshine. Langkawi is another location that is ideal to travel to.