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USA Deep South Holidays - New Orleans City Skyline

The Deep South Travel Guide

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The Deep South

The Deep South cities of Atlanta, Memphis, New Orleans and Nashville have as much in common as they have differences. Each of them is drenched in history central to the United States narrative, where the people greet you with that trademarked Southern hospitality and toe-tapping sounds fill the sun-drenched streets. If you’re looking for history, music and a lively atmosphere you’ve certainly found it here.

Our travel guides should help you discover which of these four cities is the perfect match for your Deep South adventure, and what the must-see attractions are in each destination. In Atlanta you might find yourself sipping cocktails as the warm sun sets behind modern skyscrapers. In Memphis you might find yourself exploring Elvis’s old haunts. In New Orleans it might be the Mardi Gras or simply wandering the streets of the French Quarter. In Nashville you might end up touring Andrew Jackson’s home or exploring The Johnny Cash Museum & Café.

The unique flavour of the Deep South makes for an endless list of possibilities.


The Deep South Highlights

Louisiana in the Movies

Louisiana is loved by Barrhead Travel as well as by film directors! With its atmospheric big cities, coastal wetlands, swamps and marshes, multi-million dollar sound stages and post production houses, this destination has a lot to recommend it as a perfect film location.

In 2013, Louisiana was the top locale for major Hollywood movies, ousting California from its usual place at the top of the heap. But film-making in the state isn’t a new phenomenon at all – it’s been home to some of the best known films of the last 100 years.

Graceland - Home of Elvis

Step in and travel back in time to discover one of Elvis’ greatest prides! (Apart from his daughter and his music, of course.)

Born in a two-room house and having experienced the financial struggle of his parents for years, earning the big money and buying the finest house in town for his family was one of Presley’s great goals in life. Owning Graceland, an elegant and inviting mansion that the pop star shared with his parents, made this dream come true. For many people, Elvis’ mansion tells the story of the American Dream itself.

As soon as you set foot inside the charming manor, you start a journey to the most private aspects of Presley’s life. Discover the rooms in which Elvis and his daughter Lisa Marie once lived, laughed and spent time with their friends and family.

Top Places to Visit in The Deep South

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