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Tobago Holidays

Our Tobago holidays will take you to the smaller of the two main islands that make up the republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It's located in the southern Caribbean just north east of its counterpart, Trinidad. Sporting a tropical climate all year round, it is a firm favourite with tourists that love diving – boasting some of the best diving sites in the whole of the Caribbean. Its beautiful sandy beaches and range of tropical rainforests make this a destination for those who enjoy breathtaking scenery. The island, considered by many that visit there as the 'True Caribbean', is rich in history and culture more so than any other Caribbean island. The magnificent aquamarine bays and nature spots make for a real feast for the eyes for those that visit. This small 116 square mile island, is host to many exciting and unusual activities. Kayak through the mangrove swamps, drift dive with manta rays and sharks or marvel in the Tobago tradition of goat and crab racing! Filled with real culture, tradition and scenery, Tobago is a destination filled with real authenticity.

turtle image

A Playful Paradise

Packed with the natural beauty and hidden charms, Tobago’s playful side is sure to satisfy! From horse-riding, ATV’s, zip-lining, hiking, golf, ‘pulling-seine’ (catching fish) with the locals, endless water sports, gour-met-dining, street parties, cultural theatre, goat and crab racing and even our unique harvest celebration where you can literally move from ‘house-to-house’ to enjoy food and drink ‘Tobago style.’ Indeed a playful paradise, offering an array of exciting things to do and see.

Tobago image

Warm & Friendly

As if Tobago’s natural beauty, pristine waters, living culture and delectable culinary offerings aren’t enough to draw visitors. Tobago is also home to some of the warmest, friendly and welcoming human beings. Tobagonians are proud of their piece of paradise and will do whatever they can to ensure that you love it as much as they do.