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European River Cruises

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European River Cruises

Europe is the world’s most developed region for river cruises. Sail to the heart of every city, and immerse yourself in history and culture. Accessible and wonderfully scenic, a trip on these great waterways will take you to the heart of Europe, providing a constantly changing perspective on its history and landscapes.

Experience some of the world’s most elegant, vibrant and influential cities along the Danube. Multiple capitals including Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Belgrade sit along the course of this beautiful waterway, providing Danube river cruise guests with an insight into the history of the continent.

Discover the Rhine, one of Europe’s most spellbinding rivers. From its source in the Swiss Alps, the Rhine cuts a hefty course through the heart of Europe, lingering in Germany for the longest stretch before veering northwest into the Netherlands, where it empties into the North Sea. From age-old castles and medieval towns to vineyards, wine villages and orchards flanking its riverbank, you will experience a wealth of history and picturesque views on your river cruises.

Away from these major rivers, there is a variety of lesser-known waterways to explore, including the Douro in Northern Portugal, and the Rhone and Seine in France.

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