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When to visit Vietnam

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When to Visit

The climate in Vietnam varies greatly from north to south. The north has a cool and dry season from November to April and a hot rainy season from May to October. The central coast north of Nha Trang has a similar climate with the winter monsoon bringing cool, wet weather between December and February. The south is hot and humid all year round, especially from February to May. The rainy season lasts from May to November. The central highlands have a similar climate to the south, but it is cooler and temperatures can be freezing in winter. The official peak season in Vietnam is from September to April.

Among the best times to visit Vietnam, the opening months of the year are warm and pleasant. It's worth noting that the closer it gets to March the better the weather is.

Excellent weather throughout the country, north or south. This is an ideal time to visit Vietnam. It must be noted the near the end of May you will experience the odd shower or two of rain.

A good low season bargain can be had at the start of June, beating most of the holidays from various countries. As with most of Vietnam, the weather remains warm and comfortable.

We move into the rainy period for these months in Vietnam however, there is an upside. If you can cope with the frequent showers if you are travelling to the north or south of the country then a great bargain can be had. Also, it tends to be quieter during this time of year.

Another low period before the bustle of the new year travellers. This is a great time to visit as it relatively quiet and there deals to be had in travelling to Vietnam during this time.