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USA Holidays - Beautiful Sea and Mountain View  - Alaska Deals

Alaska Travel Guide

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With awe-inspiring scenic beauty, enormous ice-age glaciers and abundant wildlife, Alaska is like nowhere else on earth. You’ll find a wide variety of activities in Alaska, everything from the mild to the wild. Whatever you do, travelling in Alaska is just plain fun!

If you want to see wildlife, Alaska is the place to visit. Bald eagles gather by the hundreds, moose cause traffic jams and millions of salmon spawn in its rivers. Take a guided tour through a national park or wildlife refuge to see moose and caribou or a boat tour to see otters, whales and porpoises. No matter where you go, you’ll find an amazing variety of watchable wildlife.

Come see the ancient, enormous rivers of ice that sculpted Alaska’s mountains. You can get up close to glaciers on cruise tours and day cruises in many areas of Alaska including Glacier Bay, Kenai Fjords and Prince William Sound. These trips offer a wonderful glimpse of coastal Alaska with its dramatic mountain scenery and tidewater glaciers

Flying is a way of life in Alaska and a trip to Alaska would not be complete without a flightseeing excursion. Get a bird’s eye view of this great land as you circle majestic Mt. McKinley, take a floatplane to a wilderness lodge or land on a glacier in a helicopter.

In Alaska, you can explore the wilderness by day and sleep in a warm bed at night. Guided trips and tours take you to a variety of remote – or not so remote – places where you can enjoy almost any outdoor interest. Stay at a backcountry lodge for fly-fishing and bear watching, or join an expedition to one of Alaska’s remote parks forests or refuges.

Alaska Highlights

USA Holidays - Beautiful Sea and Mountain View  - Alaska Deals
Denali National Park

In Denali National Park’s vast expanses of wild land, travellers might see caribou, grizzly and black bears and Dall sheep. The park’s one road leads to North America’s tallest peak, 6,190-metre Denali.

USA Holidays - Close View of Musk/Ox - Alaska Deals
Musk Ox Farm

A non-profit organisation, the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer is dedicated to the development of musk oxen in order to provide subsistence income for Alaska Natives. Visitors can photograph and interact with the Ice Age animals

USA Holidays - Sitka, Downtown and Mountain View  - Alaska Deals
Sitka National Historic Park

Set on an island amid spruce and hemlock trees, Sitka National Historic Park preserves the site of a battle between Russian traders and indigenous Tlingit people. The restored Russian Bishop’s House speaks of Russia’s little-known colonial legacy in North America.