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California & The West Holidays

California & The West Holidays
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It might sound like a difficult feat to claim somewhere really does ‘offer it all’ – but the west coast of America really does. Home to sandy beaches, large metropolitan playgrounds, distinctive vineyards, breath-taking hillside views, glamorous casinos, theme parks, famous film locations and all-year-round sunshine. There’s not much you can’t get up to in the western states.

Whether you want to learn first-hand why California is the epitome of cool, or fancy trying your luck at a casino in Las Vegas, it’s up to you. Families, couples and groups of friends visit this inexplicitly amazing part of the world every year and come home singing praises.

And don’t forget to travel off the beaten path. The western states offer more than just their famous neon signs and theme parks – from the vineyards of Napa Valley, to the deserted towns of the Nevada desert.

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