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When to Visit Myanmar

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When to Visit

Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate and three seasons: the very hot summer from March to May; the wet and humid monsoon from May to October; and the cold, dry winter from November to February. During the long rainy season, it can rain almost daily, and typhoons occasionally occur in Myanmar between April and October. There is less rainfall in the interior than on the coast. It is a hot country, and the average daily temperatures usually reach around 86°F (30°C) in the hot months, while the evenings are slightly cooler. During the winter season, average temperatures are around 77°F (25°C) with evening temperatures dropping to 59°F (15°C). Coastal areas are usually much more humid, but slightly cooler overall. The hottest and driest months are March and April, when temperatures can rise as high as 110°F (43°C), with high humidity thrown in. Visitors should note that climate in Myanmar varies according to altitude and can be quite changeable.

This is peak season for travelling to Myanmar. Excellent weather prevails throughout the country during this time. In conjunction with the excellent weather, Myanmar also hosts a ton of different festivals and celebrations that visitors can take part in during their time in the country.

Some of the hottest temperatures of the year are recorded during this time of the year, sometimes reaching over 40 degrees Celcius. Despite the extremely warm weather, tourist flock to Myanmar at this time because it is during this period of the year that Myanmar celebrates it's New Year.

This is the rain period in Myanmar. Whilst the temperature is still in the 30s you should prepare for frequent rains during this period. A great deal can be found for Myanmar during this time.

The temperatures fall into the high 20°Cs fall this period making it, arguably, the best time to visit Myanmar. In addition to the great weather, there are some festivals such as the 9,000 Lights Festival and the Bo Bo Gyi Nat Festival which take place during this time.

The weather begins to get warmer as we head into the traditional winter months. Try and bool before the Christmas period however as its more expensive to travel close and after Chrismas.