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When to Visit Japan

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When to Visit

The weather throughout the four main islands that make up Japan is generally temperate, with four distinct seasons. The climate varies according to island and terrain, so visitors should be sure to check the weather for the region they are visiting. The weather can get very hot during the summer months - June, July and August - which can also be humid. In the south, winters are cool but sunny, as one moves further north temperatures drop and snow falls. The island of Hokkaido in the far north of Japan is bitterly cold in the winter, with snow guaranteed. The rainy season runs from June to early August and August, September and October are typhoon season in Japan.

Prime winter months during this time of the year. Throughout the start of the year, Japan becomes an excellent place to visit. From the snow caps peaks on Hokkaido to the mild temperatures of the mainland of Honshu, Japan always has great activities for all to enjoy during this time. A must see during this period is in February, and it's the Sapporo snow festival. Giant, articulately crafted sculptures ranging from recreations of famous castles and temples to famous anime & manga characters are all on show here.

The ideal time to visit Japan, spring brings with it the first of the cherry blossoms for which the country is most famous for. It's also the period of some big holidays in Japan (Golden Week and Showa Day) near the end of April which makes this ever bustling country all the busier. Regardless, this is the ideal time to visit Japan and anyone travelling during this time will not regret it.

Summer in Japan is the time for exciting festivals and warm humid weather, conversely it is also the tsuyu (Rainy) period in Japan as the tropical weather can change from hot and humid to wet and windy very quickly. Don't be put off however as some of the biggest festivals to place during this time, the most famous of these being the Kyoto Matsuri which dates back to the 9th century.

Autumn in Japan is similar to Spring with some crucial differences. Unlike the busy period during spring with not only tourist but the Japanese themselves travelling about on their holidays, Autumn is an altogether quieter affair. Still retaining the humid weather at the start of the period it gradually gets cooler as it nears winter and it's this time when Japan becomes must see as all the flowers are in full bloom and the land is awash with resplendent and beautiful colours and sights.

As autumn ends and moves into winter Japan becomes a lot quieter and is an ideal time to visit. A lot of the sights and attractions are far more accessible during this quiet period. Keep in mind however that Japan does tend to have cold winters no matter where you are in the country so pack accordingly if you decide to visit during this time.