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Morning at the Zoo with Jungle Breakfast

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Morning at the Zoo with Jungle Breakfast

Adults from £44pp, Child prices from £26pp

Spread over 28 hectares, the Singapore zoo, built at a cost of US$9million and using natural barriers like streams, rock walls and dry moats filled with vegetation create an ‘open zoo’ effect, is a haven to over 3,600 mammals, birds and reptiles including many endangered species.

This tour, which includes a hotel pick-up and drops off, is a great way of visiting the family-friendly attraction.

As you explore the zoo by tram or foot, you will enjoy the wonderful close-up views of chimpanzees, white tigers, giraffes, lions, bearded pigs and much more.

There is also the chance to see the orang-utans, one of the most endangered primates on the globe. Singapore Zoo has bred the largest number of these primates in the world and the huge colony is on display.

The highlight of this experience, however, will be the jungle breakfast.

Termed as the ‘Wild Breakfast’ enjoy a prelude to this dining-in-the-wild experience with the longest snake in the world - the reticulated python, known to grow to a length of 10 meters!

You will also meet a number of the Orang Utan family and a few other friendly locals as you tucking into the comprehensive buffet.

The Zoo, which was voted the world's best rainforest zoo, hopes to inspire in its guests a respect and deep appreciation of nature.