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When to Visit China

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When to Visit

Generally, the best times to visit China are spring and autumn, when most of the popular places have their most tourist-friendly weather.

Summer is good too, if the heat doesn’t bother you too much, and is the best season for visiting remote western China — Tibet, Xinjiang, Shangri-La... Winter is low season for most of China, which means lower prices (transport, hotels, etc.) and fewer crowds, and the cold can produce fine scenery too.

January - February - March

Visiting China during the low season may be just the thing for you. Some Winter activities that you can look forward to are the Harbin Ice Festival and the ever eventful Chinese New Year.

April - May

As the temperature starts to rise, so too does the number of visitors to this excellent country. Spring in China is a perfect time to visit some of it's more notable attractions such as the Terracotta Army.

June - July - August

Summer is in fact the time with most things to do in China — from sunny mountain hiking and minority festivals to open-air boating and long evenings relaxing at scenic bars.

September - October

Many travellers choose autumn to visit China, especially outdoor activity lovers. When climbing mountains and hiking on Great Wall, they can enjoy a more favourable experience with good weather.

November - December

China Winter season is upon us again. When visiting make sure you prepare for the temperature as it can get quite cold.