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Aruba Travel Guides

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Aruba Travel Guides

Aruba is definitely one of the livelier Caribbean islands, with so much on offer navagating what to do can be tricky.

Having a look at our bellow guides is the perfect opportunity to decide on what would make your holiday that bit more special for you.


5 of the best festivals in Aruba

Aruba is definitely one of the livelier Caribbean islands and boasts a constant stream of festivals throughout the year. Whether it’s water sports, gastronomy, music or a colourful Mardi Gras – Aruba doesn’t need much excuse to fill out its streets for a party. If you’re visiting Aruba soon, check to see if any of these lively gems fall during your holiday dates.  

Aruba Carnival

Unashamedly loud and colourful, The Aruba Carnival the most vivid event in the entire festival calendar. It includes several spectacular events including the Jouvert Morning Pajama Parade, Children's Balloon Parade and a Mardi Gras event – before finishing off with Carnival Monday.

Aruba Fashion Week

Aruba is well-respected within the Caribbean for its taste in fashion and Aruba Fashion Week is a big event. The next Fashion Week is taking place in December, with 18 designers ready to showcase their newest designs and a trade show with 25 exhibitors signed up already.

Aruba Food Truck Festival

Food trucks have been changing the foodie landscape across the world – and Aruba is no exception.

Dande Festival

This is Aruba’s largest traditional music event and features more than 50 musical acts performing traditional Dande song using authentic Aruban instruments such as the tambu, wiri and raspa. The Dande Festival always typically takes place over the New Year period.

Annual Aruba International Pro Am Golf Tournament

Golfing is amazing in Aruba, and in late August professional and amateur golfers get together for this two-day, 36-hole tournament featuring gifts, prizes, and special events. It’s held at the Tierra del Sol Golf course in the north of the island and features a challenging course designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. with a desert layout similar to links courses of the American Southwest.

5 reasons why you should choose Aruba as your next Caribbean holiday

Did you know that Aruba has one of the highest numbers of repeat visitors in the Caribbean?
Anyone who has ever walked across its white sandy beaches or hiked along its rugged coast can attest to its irresistible appeal. Friendly locals, a compact main city, beautiful weather and a bowl of cultures are just a few reasons why people return year-on-year. If you’ve not yet experienced Aruba for yourself, here’s our top 5 reasons why you should choose definitely stop by the next time you’re in the Caribbean.

1. The weather

Aruba is one of the most southern islands of the Caribbean islands, making it one of the sunniest. It’s also just below the hurricane belt and receives less rainfall per year - and doesn’t have much of an off-season. But before you assume Aruba is uncomfortably warm – there’s a reliable gentle wind blowing in from the Atlantic to cool everyone down.

2.  Choose from a variety of hotels

The Caribbean has a reputation as a haven for those who prefer an all-inclusive holiday. However, Aruba has a wide mix of hotel types to match all budgets and preferences. Self-catering, half-board, full-board and all-inclusive are all found on the island.

3.  The fusion cuisine

Aruba is home to a culturally diverse population that has created an eclectic culinary scene. There are 250 restaurants that call the island home – with flavours ranging from Japanese, Italian, Caribbean and Colombian. The island also has a yearly local restaurant month in October.

4.    Perfect holiday snaps

The glowing white sands, colourful reefs and striking hillsides make for impressive travel photography. Or even just a beautifully idyllic Instagram feed or Snapchat story.

5.   Easy to get to

Aruba is a popular port for the many Caribbean and South American cruises, and flights run from several USA airports, such as New York and Atlanta. Plus, the island is home to modern roads and infrastructure so finding your way around isn’t difficult.