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CanaDream Motorhome Types

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CanaDream Motorhomes

We have a wide selection of motorhome driving itineraries to help you on your way. We’ll match your vehicle type to suit the size of your travelling party and the type of holiday you want. CanaDream offer 5 different units:

Truck & Camper (TCA) perfect for couple and solo travellers. This is the most flexible and easy to drive camper. It’s essentially a new 4x4 truck with a camper unit on the back! A complete compact mobile home!

The DeluxCamperer Van (DVC) offers some oh la la European style. Essentially a van converted into a deluxe home for two. Its also perfect for solo travellers wanting a bit of luxury. Easy to drive and park, this is the ideal size for those not sure of driving a larger unit.

The SVC, MHB and MHA (C Class units) are all built on the same van chassis.. they just get longer and longer. With more storage space inside and out. The SVC starts at 24’ long and the MHA goes up to 33’ long.. so it’s down to how many people you have and how big a vehicle you want to drive.

All of CanaDream’s units are fully equipped with bathrooms with showers and full kitchens. Their convenience kits prepare you with everything you need from bedding, towels, kitchen equipment.. so you don’t need to bring the kitchen sink!

Let our agents help guide you to the right choice for your perfect road trip.

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