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Holidays in Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia is located in Eastern Canada and is one of the four Atlantic Canada provinces, and is an incredibly beautiful destination which is perfect for anyone interested in culture, gastronomy, adventure travel and of course the great outdoors. About the size of Scotland, and home to only a million people, Nova Scotia is very much a road trip destination.

With spectacular coastal and inland driving routes, it’s easy to get around and the journey is very much part of the holiday experience. And unlike much of Canada, road distances are relatively short and you will find that the landscapes and cultures change dramatically from one town to the next. Think incredible seafood, stunning hiking trails, fascinating colonial history and truly breath-taking scenery and wildlife.

Nearly any trip in Nova Scotia begins in the provincial capital Halifax. It’s a wonderful place to start your adventure, full of history, heritage, culture and a great food scene. With a population similar to that of Edinburgh, Halifax has the feel of world-class cosmopolitan centre, with fantastic museums, galleries, shopping and nightlife.  And it’s here you will first get a sense of Nova Scotia’s maritime history and its Celtic roots, which are felt up and down the province.

With direct flights from Glasgow to Halifax, flying on WestJet, there has never been a better time to plan and to explore this beautiful province.

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5 Places To Visit

Cape Breton Highlands National Park - This National Park is located on Cape Breton Island which lined the craggy coastline.
Downtown Halifax - The city centre and entertainment hub of Halifax. This area also is home to the harbour and contains many bars restaurants and cafe's.
Citadel Hill - Located in Halifax this historical site has four fortifications constructed around 1749. The site offers tours plus a coffee bar and gift shop.
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic - A maritime museum located in downtown Halifax with boatbuilding, shipwreck and naval exhibits.
Peggys Point Lighthouse - Peggys Point Lighthouse also known as Peggys Cove Lighthouse is an active lighthouse and an iconic Canadian image.



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  • Currency Canadian Dollar ($)
  • Travel Time 5 1/2 Hours
  • Language English
  • Brits must have a full 10-year British Passport that's valid for six months after you return to the UK.