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Kuang Si Waterfalls

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Kuang Si Waterfalls

Start the day with an insightful visit to the Traditional Arts & Ethnology Centre (TAEC). The extensive displays of hill tribe costumes and detailed descriptions of traditional culture provide an excellent overview of the various ethnic groups of Laos.

Then leave the city behind and head to the countryside. Laos’ is home to the most beautiful natural landscapes in Southeast Asia and today’s drive provides a glimpse of these sceneries. Stop in a small village home to one of the many ethnic groups described at TAEC and see, first-hand, their customs and way of life.

The beautiful drive ends at a perhaps even more beautiful destination- The Kuang Si Waterfalls. The falls are a series of cascading turquoise pools, surrounded by lush forest. Spend time exploring the falls and enjoying the pristine nature. Take a challenging, but rewarding, hike to the top of the highest drop or simply relax on the rocks of the lower pools.

A special picnic lunch is prepared alongside the falls. Enjoy local dishes with a million-dollar view of the Kuang Si falls.

For further insight into the natural wonders of Laos, a stop can be made at the Asiatic Black Bear sanctuary. Located near the Kuang Si falls, this centre houses endangered bears rescued from poachers. The centre explains the efforts of the passionate animal lovers who are working to stop the poachers and preserve the bear’s natural habitat. Nearby there is also a butterfly park where dozens of colourful butterflies swirl around the tropical flowers.

Late this afternoon it is time to return to the city, driving once again through the vibrant rural landscapes that make up the Laos’ countryside.