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Newcastle City Breaks - Tyne Bridge

Newcastle City Breaks

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Newcastle City Break Holidays

Situated on the River Tyne's north bank, the city boasts a 2,000-year history and a treasure-trove of architecture, with some of the most classically-styled buildings found anywhere in the UK. The city's origins as a Roman town are still evident in Hadrian's Wall, the ruins of which can be seen stretching eastward to Wallsend.

Today, these Roman ruins and the grand elegance of areas such as the neoclassical Grainger Town in the city centre contrast with the ultra-modern buildings of the city's new Quayside development.

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Visit Hadrians Wall

In order to separate the Roman Empire in Britain from the native 'barbarians,' Emperor Hadrian ordered the building of an impressive wall in the year 122. Taking approximately six years to complete, the wall stretches for roughly 80 miles (120km) from South Shields to Ravenglass, passing through present-day Newcastle. Dotted along it are several forts, temples, turrets and mile castles, and visitors can explore these fascinating 2,000-year-old remains, as well as the often stunningly beautiful surrounding countryside. Hadrian's Wall was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and continues to delight and amaze historically-minded visitors to the north of England.