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Southampton, Hampshire Travel Agent

Off The Beaten Track Specialist

What I love doing is visiting the places most have never thought of going to.
For example, I have been to Lichtenstein, Georgia and Romania, places that are stunning and amazing, but most would never consider travelling to.

I love opening peoples minds! I want for people to think about visiting these unique and beautiful locations they wouldn't have really thought about before.

I want people to see the wider world rather than a resort or the capital city. They get to enjoy a unique experience that is off the beaten track, away from the tourist hot spots, and the benefits go to the local economy rather than keeping it in the major cities.

I have personally travelled across Europe by train, car and boat, so I have seen around the corners most people don't get to see. Driving the full length of Norway or through the middle of Romania, sailing across the Adriatic, and catching a train right through the heart of Poland, this is what travelling is about to me.

I love my job! Every corner of the planet is there to be seen, and my job allows me to help people see them. I have been lucky enough to see some amazing places recently, ones people don't normally see unless they venture away from the main tourist destinations. And I want to share these unique places with everyone, so they have the opportunity to see what I have.


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